Friday, August 6, 2010

Doral Social Fridays Kicks off with a Dud - City Admistrators Fail Again

Doral Social Fridays Kicks Off with a Dud - City Administrators Fail Again!

Once again J.C. Bermudez and his rag tag team lead by Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera launch a dud! Or was that a Scud Missle?

As the trolley tour rides into the Doral sunset, it is filled with the Misfits of Doral. Funny how like attract like! Imagine that, Felipe Madrigal, Luis Maqueira, Bettina Rodriguez-Aguilera and other "Rag Tag" members of the "Doral Dud Squad". A squad formed, administered and puppetted by their leader - J.C. Bermudez, were all together in one place! I'm glad I wasn't on that bus! Because I would've probably been sent to the back of the bus!

The trolley, with it garbled and messed up stop schedule, lands at All Star Indoor Soccer, a building with 90 degree heat inside and zero refreshments....(no lack of disrespect intended for ASIS) and right next door, the awaiting open arms of Millennia Atlantic University -- drinks awaiting, food, a book signing, and and art exhibition -- but alas, Bettina did not invite the trolley riders to enter MAU. - Bettina's explanation to this author.... "we did not put this on the stop schedule"! My question: WHY NOT!

A total lack of disrespect for MAU and it's staff by Bettina, J.C. and the other misfits... Since Bettina had originally insisted and arranged with MAU to bring trolley riders there...and MAU went above and beyond to prepare for the Trolley stop!

Bettina, you owe MAU a public appology!

What is the management of the city of Doral thinking..? obviously not much good! The whole situation in Doral disgusts me. I can't wait until J.C., Vanamme, and Depitrio are replaced. - That's when Doral will go back to normal. In the meantime expect more B.S. from the "Rag Tag Threesome" (and puppeted staff). Until then, my stationery will be changed to read Miami, Florida instead of Doral, Florida.

I can't continue to support a City that does not recognize people who do good for businesses in Doral, such as the Doral Chamber of Commerce, but rewards others who use the system for personal gain and egoistic personal acknowledgement!

Where has J.C. and his rag tag team taken this once wonderful city? To disdain and despair and bureacracy and possibly even, corruption (I am not implying that $750,000 to one vendor in one year's time, without RFPs is corruption)? If you don't play on J.C.s team watch out!

I vote that we remove his name off the park (J.C.s original ego trip).

Voters, please check your November ballots closely... the ballots are stuffed with Pinochio puppets and Gepetto puppet mastering! Vote for real change.

Vote for Mari Catano and Luigi Boria, for Doral City Council if you want to see real change in Doral.

On a personal note... to J.C.... You remind me of someone who took over as a dictator in 1961 in Cuba, and there is a similar resemblance to a red-shirted individual somewhere in Central America.

Should "The J.C. way or the Highway" be the new City of Doral slogan?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Social Media University December Schedule - South Florida

I am very excited that we've finally kicked off our Social Media Marketing Education and Certification program with the support of Millenia Atlantic University. This program was designed to keep you up to date with the latest in marketing and web 2.0 techniques and skills.

With the Social Media University program you will learn how to effectively use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs and other Social Media Marketing tools to increase your sales and profits while increasing your company's visibility and web site rankings.

Start a new career as a Social Media Marketing Specialist or consultant. Apply for our Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist program and increase your earnings potential. CSMMS begins January, 2010 but you can start taking courses that count towards Certification right away.

'Social Media University December Schedule - South Florida.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

If You Don't Want to Grow Your Business Don't Read This Blog!

I am looking to help those who want to help themselves! If you don't want to grow your business then please unsubscribe from the DCC email list. This will give me more time to dedicate to helping those who really want to grow their business!

We have awesome members at the DCC! They are making a difference in their businesses and that of other DCC members. They are committed to making the Doral Chamber of Commerce the best chamber in Florida. And they will succeed! If you want to grow with me, I promise to be there to help you succeed! If you are not dedicated to growing your business or increasing your sales, please unsubscribe.

I continue to program a great number events designed to help you network, learn and build new relationships with potential clients. But there's alot of you still not showing up. What's up with that?

The DCC members that consistently show up are those you are prospering in their business! When you show up at events it gives other DCC members an opportunity to introduce you to people they know at the event and it also has the "top of the consiousness" effect. Which means that people will remember you when it comes time to refer others to you.

Do you know that we have free consulting at the DCC? Filiberto Medina, Mario Somarriba and several other DCC member, including myself, got together and created the PBCG, Power Business Consulting Group. This group is designed to give you free consulting and referal to other PBCG participants and DCC members in order to help you with what ever business issues you may have. It includes helping you with your start up business or existing business. And its all FREE !!!

Besides the PBCG I will dedicate time to you to discuss your business. If you want to meet with me send me an email requesting an appointment. I make myself available to all members. Another difference the DCC offers.

Now, if you really want to get ahead of the competition and explode your business growth then you've got to get up to date with Social Media and create a Social Media strategy. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and other Social Media can really help your business grow by helping you create relationships on the internet. The challenge is knowing how it all really works. That's where our Social Media and Web Site Strategies seminars come in.

The DCC is offering Social Media University and individual training modules related to internet marketing. These are low cost and offered at convenient times and locations in Doral and other areas. If you really want to grow your business, enroll in Social Media University at .

I have several areas where I need your help. At the same time that you help the DCC you can help your self. The DCC is over 200 members strong! By getting involved in one of many DCC groups you get to meet other active members in a more relaxed and friendly setting. These are some of the opportunities available for you. I am looking for leaders. Email me and let me know if you want to get involved in one or more of these groups:

Banking and Finance
Marketing and Public Relations
Business Blitz
After Hours Networker
PowerBusiness Women's Group
Welcome Wagon (Ambassador)
Membership Development
Doral Hotel Association
Doral Auto Dealers Association
PowerBusiness Consulting Group
Business Mornings PowerNetworker
Educational Committee
Executive Committee
Mastermind Council

So let's continue to grow together and build the best chamber in Florida while helping your business and others grow and prosper! Write your comments on the DCC blog or write me at . I look forward to continue working with you for wealth, prosperity and an enriched life!


Manny Sarmiento
President - Doral Chamber of Commerce - Twitter - Facebook

P.S. We are forming DCC Mastermind Councils. If you are interested in organizing a DCC Mastermind Council Group please email me. The DCC Mastermind Councils are based on Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich". It is powerful tool for personal growth.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lies & Deception from Doral & Airport West Chamber : DAWCC Not a Non-profit / Corporation Dissolved

Lies & Deception from Doral & Airport West Chamber : DAWCC Not a Non-profit / Corporation Dissolved

Doral & Airport West Chamber Lying to Potential members. DAWCC not a Non-profit and Corporation has been Administrative Dissolved as a Corporation. Continuously using the real Doral Chamber of Commerce name to confuse business owners into joining.

"Doral & Airport West not a real entity"


PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 17, 2009 – Felipe Madrigal of the Doral & Airport West Chamber of Commerce continues to lie to potential members, using deceptive practices to promote a non-valid chamber in Doral. The DAWCC is not a Non-profit. The corporation and has been dissolved since September of 2008. (State of Florida Sunbiz:

The real chambers in Doral are the Doral Chamber of Commerce and the Doral Business Council. The DAWCC continuously uses the real Doral Chamber of Commerce name to confuse business owners into joining.

The new web site is now confusingly and illegally titled "Doral Chamber Commerce" . This is an attempt to cause confusion since the real and legal Doral Chamber of Commerce entity and web site is . The DAWCC is also causing confusion to business owners by using as their new email instead of their previous email

"Our attorneys have sent Felipe Madrigal a Cease letter, asking that he stop using the Doral Chamber of Commerce name but he continues to use fraudulent and deceptive tactics in an attempt to promote a non-valid entity. Business owners should use caution in selecting a valid chamber to join, An active chamber of commerce is a worthwhile business tool for persons looking to grow their business." ... says Manny Sarmiento, President and Founder ot the Doral Chamber of Commerce.

The real Doral Chamber is the Doral Chamber of Commerce, located at 8181 N.W. 36th Street, Suite 20-E, Doral, FL 33166. The Doral Chamber of Commerce is a valid non-profit corporation, registered with the IRS and the State of Florida with two real physical locations in Doral, Florida, the address above and a new Atrium Training Center at 3900 N.W. 79th Avenue, Suite 108, Doral, FL 33166.

Read the entire Press Release at

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ashton Kutcher becomes the first to collect 1 million followers on Twitter and Oprah Winfrey sends out her first tweet

"As Ashton Kutcher becomes the first to collect 1 million followers on Twitter and Oprah Winfrey sends out her first tweet, tech observers are debating: Does Friday mark a new peak for the microblogging service? Or the beginning of its demise?

Ashton Kutcher told Larry King Friday that the battle was about proving one person can have a voice.

Some bloggers and Twitter users have expressed concern that the once-cultish site is being overwhelmed by celebrities and media hype, while others are excited by Twitter's ever-growing reach.

"It's a big milestone. This brings Twitter mainstream," said Andrew Cherwenka, a Huffington Post contributor and Web developer at, referring to Kutcher and Winfrey's Twitter breakthroughs.

"A lot of people are saying this is going to be the death of Twitter, and I don't understand that at all," Cherwenka added. "It's just another stage in Twitter's acceleration."

"The challenge for Twitter -- besides, of course, getting a business model in place to handle the infrastructure required to sustain this kind of growth -- is going to be maintaining the fact that it's the community at large, not the celebrity users, that's at the core of this service," said Caroline McCarthy, who writes a CNET News blog about social media.

"The power of Twitter is about the millions of people using it and how easily it is to filter and aggregate their thoughts and conversations," McCarthy told CNN. "It can't be all about Ashton and Oprah."

In the much-publicized duel, Kutcher's Twitter account crossed the 1 million mark on Twitter about 2:13 a.m. ET Friday, narrowly beating CNN's breaking-news feed, which had 998,239 followers at the time. CNN passed the mark at 2:42 a.m. ET.

On Friday, Kutcher went on "Larry King Live" to talk about the battle and why he felt the duel was so important.

"We now live in an age in media that a single voice can have as much power and relevance on the Web, that is, as an entire media network," he said. "And I think that to me was shocking."
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Early Friday Winfrey sent her first tweet from the Chicago, Illinois, set of her TV show. The all-caps message was sent at 10:10 a.m. ET and said, "HI TWITTERS. THANK YOU FOR A WARM WELCOME. FEELING REALLY 21st CENTURY."

Winfrey drew more than 73,000 Twitter followers before she sent out her first tweet. By Friday afternoon her Twitter following had climbed above 100,000.

"Twitter has experienced watershed events over the last two years since we founded the company, and momentum continues to build," Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said Friday in an e-mail to CNN. "Certainly having Oprah and Ashton embrace Twitter so enthusiastically will be another big moment for us."

But Kutcher also acknowledged on "Larry King Live" Friday that while he was able to get so many followers because he is well-known, he was trying to show that anyone can have a voice and let their story be told.

"I think it's really important that Twitter is not about celebrities. It's not a platform for celebrities," he said. "In all these interviews and things, it's been celebrity -- you know, people know have been on TV. It's really about everyday people having a voice. And I don't want it to be dwarfed by celebrity."

Sean 'Diddy' Combs, who joined Twitter and threw his support behind Kutcher, told Larry King that he views Twitter as an important medium for him to share who he "really" is, and give fans a direct line of communication to him.

"It's a chance for people to know the real me," he said. "Due to my own fault there's such a persona of the Hamptons and the bling-bling and the "Forbes" list and who I'm dating. There's more substance to me than that. Over time I've just wanted to make sure that that has gotten out."

Kutcher told Larry King that initially, Twitter was a tool to feed his ego until he realized that he could use the service to make a difference.

"At the end of the day, we all have ego, we all have some level of ego," he said. "But if we can use our ego to actually create good charitable things in the world in some way, and use our ego -- originally, I defined Twitter as an ego stream when I first saw it. But then what I realized is if we can transform that into something that's positive that can actually effectively change the world, that can be a really valuable tool."

Kutcher had challenged CNN to the Twitter race, saying he would donate 10,000 mosquito bed nets to charity for World Malaria Day in late April if he beat CNN, and 1,000 if he lost. CNN agreed to do the same.

The battle between @aplusk, Kutcher's Twitter handle, and CNN's feed gained much attention on Twitter, with fans pulling for both sides.
Web junkies watched Kutcher on a live video stream as he celebrated with champagne, surrounded by his wife, Demi Moore, and friends.

"We are over a million. CNN is still trying to get there. And that is just how it goes," Kutcher told the camera as his friends screamed. "There are a million people that need to be thanked for this." See Kutcher celebrate his milestone »

No single Twitter account had previously reached 1 million followers, according to two Web sites that track popularity on Twitter, a site on which users post 140-character messages that are distributed to groups of followers.

"Kudos to Ashton and all those in the @aplusk camp. Now more than ever, the consumer is in the driver's seat and we couldn't be more gratified than to be part of this historic social media milestone," said CNN spokeswoman Jennifer Martin.

CNN maintains more than 40 official Twitter accounts, with a total of more than 1.5 million followers. Kutcher was racing the network's breaking-news feed, @cnnbrk. That account provides only brief updates about breaking news, therefore CNN doesn't send a lot of alerts -- just those for major events the network believes its audience will want to know.

"We'd like to thank every one of our followers for helping CNN reach the 1 million mark, and we are delighted to raise our donation to 10,000 bed nets for World Malaria Day in recognition of them," Martin said.

Not to be outdone, Winfrey said in a tweet Friday morning that she would donate 20,000 mosquito bed nets to charity. "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest, another popular Twitter user, also agreed Friday to make a donation of mosquito bed nets, which help prevent the biting insects from spreading malaria in tropical countries.

"Ashton's 'Twitter race' is an amazing example of how we can leverage new technology to battle an ancient disease," said Scott Case, CEO of Malaria No More, the charity expected to benefit most from the mosquito bed net donations. "Not only is Ashton helping Malaria No More raise awareness ... he's also galvanizing his Twitter army to help end malaria deaths."

The online feud between CNN and Kutcher also drew attention to the popularity of Twitter, which has seen breakneck growth over the past year. Twitter saw 131 percent growth in March alone, with 9.3 million unique U.S. visitors that month, according to comScore. The group attributes the increase to media attention on the site.

Cherwenka, the Huffington Post blogger, believes Kutcher may be one of the first people to leverage the power of online social networking for widespread social good.

"It's a turning point in media. He's one person who uses a free media platform to reach a large audience. And that really hasn't been done before," Cherwenka said. "He didn't spend a penny on this. And that's kind of the point of any kind of social activity on the Web."

But will all this celebrity-driven hype turn off longtime Twitter users? Time will tell, observers say.

"I know some Twitter early adopters and loyalists are feeling a bit ambivalent about this influx of mainstream attention, and are likening it to when their favorite indie band gets big overnight," said CNET's McCarthy. "They're excited to see this service really take off, but at the same time are concerned that it's turning into a sort of novelty fad."

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