Friday, June 26, 2009

If You Don't Want to Grow Your Business Don't Read This Blog!

I am looking to help those who want to help themselves! If you don't want to grow your business then please unsubscribe from the DCC email list. This will give me more time to dedicate to helping those who really want to grow their business!

We have awesome members at the DCC! They are making a difference in their businesses and that of other DCC members. They are committed to making the Doral Chamber of Commerce the best chamber in Florida. And they will succeed! If you want to grow with me, I promise to be there to help you succeed! If you are not dedicated to growing your business or increasing your sales, please unsubscribe.

I continue to program a great number events designed to help you network, learn and build new relationships with potential clients. But there's alot of you still not showing up. What's up with that?

The DCC members that consistently show up are those you are prospering in their business! When you show up at events it gives other DCC members an opportunity to introduce you to people they know at the event and it also has the "top of the consiousness" effect. Which means that people will remember you when it comes time to refer others to you.

Do you know that we have free consulting at the DCC? Filiberto Medina, Mario Somarriba and several other DCC member, including myself, got together and created the PBCG, Power Business Consulting Group. This group is designed to give you free consulting and referal to other PBCG participants and DCC members in order to help you with what ever business issues you may have. It includes helping you with your start up business or existing business. And its all FREE !!!

Besides the PBCG I will dedicate time to you to discuss your business. If you want to meet with me send me an email requesting an appointment. I make myself available to all members. Another difference the DCC offers.

Now, if you really want to get ahead of the competition and explode your business growth then you've got to get up to date with Social Media and create a Social Media strategy. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and other Social Media can really help your business grow by helping you create relationships on the internet. The challenge is knowing how it all really works. That's where our Social Media and Web Site Strategies seminars come in.

The DCC is offering Social Media University and individual training modules related to internet marketing. These are low cost and offered at convenient times and locations in Doral and other areas. If you really want to grow your business, enroll in Social Media University at .

I have several areas where I need your help. At the same time that you help the DCC you can help your self. The DCC is over 200 members strong! By getting involved in one of many DCC groups you get to meet other active members in a more relaxed and friendly setting. These are some of the opportunities available for you. I am looking for leaders. Email me and let me know if you want to get involved in one or more of these groups:

Banking and Finance
Marketing and Public Relations
Business Blitz
After Hours Networker
PowerBusiness Women's Group
Welcome Wagon (Ambassador)
Membership Development
Doral Hotel Association
Doral Auto Dealers Association
PowerBusiness Consulting Group
Business Mornings PowerNetworker
Educational Committee
Executive Committee
Mastermind Council

So let's continue to grow together and build the best chamber in Florida while helping your business and others grow and prosper! Write your comments on the DCC blog or write me at . I look forward to continue working with you for wealth, prosperity and an enriched life!


Manny Sarmiento
President - Doral Chamber of Commerce - Twitter - Facebook

P.S. We are forming DCC Mastermind Councils. If you are interested in organizing a DCC Mastermind Council Group please email me. The DCC Mastermind Councils are based on Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich". It is powerful tool for personal growth.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lies & Deception from Doral & Airport West Chamber : DAWCC Not a Non-profit / Corporation Dissolved

Lies & Deception from Doral & Airport West Chamber : DAWCC Not a Non-profit / Corporation Dissolved

Doral & Airport West Chamber Lying to Potential members. DAWCC not a Non-profit and Corporation has been Administrative Dissolved as a Corporation. Continuously using the real Doral Chamber of Commerce name to confuse business owners into joining.

"Doral & Airport West not a real entity"


PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 17, 2009 – Felipe Madrigal of the Doral & Airport West Chamber of Commerce continues to lie to potential members, using deceptive practices to promote a non-valid chamber in Doral. The DAWCC is not a Non-profit. The corporation and has been dissolved since September of 2008. (State of Florida Sunbiz:

The real chambers in Doral are the Doral Chamber of Commerce and the Doral Business Council. The DAWCC continuously uses the real Doral Chamber of Commerce name to confuse business owners into joining.

The new web site is now confusingly and illegally titled "Doral Chamber Commerce" . This is an attempt to cause confusion since the real and legal Doral Chamber of Commerce entity and web site is . The DAWCC is also causing confusion to business owners by using as their new email instead of their previous email

"Our attorneys have sent Felipe Madrigal a Cease letter, asking that he stop using the Doral Chamber of Commerce name but he continues to use fraudulent and deceptive tactics in an attempt to promote a non-valid entity. Business owners should use caution in selecting a valid chamber to join, An active chamber of commerce is a worthwhile business tool for persons looking to grow their business." ... says Manny Sarmiento, President and Founder ot the Doral Chamber of Commerce.

The real Doral Chamber is the Doral Chamber of Commerce, located at 8181 N.W. 36th Street, Suite 20-E, Doral, FL 33166. The Doral Chamber of Commerce is a valid non-profit corporation, registered with the IRS and the State of Florida with two real physical locations in Doral, Florida, the address above and a new Atrium Training Center at 3900 N.W. 79th Avenue, Suite 108, Doral, FL 33166.

Read the entire Press Release at