Friday, August 6, 2010

Doral Social Fridays Kicks off with a Dud - City Admistrators Fail Again

Doral Social Fridays Kicks Off with a Dud - City Administrators Fail Again!

Once again J.C. Bermudez and his rag tag team lead by Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera launch a dud! Or was that a Scud Missle?

As the trolley tour rides into the Doral sunset, it is filled with the Misfits of Doral. Funny how like attract like! Imagine that, Felipe Madrigal, Luis Maqueira, Bettina Rodriguez-Aguilera and other "Rag Tag" members of the "Doral Dud Squad". A squad formed, administered and puppetted by their leader - J.C. Bermudez, were all together in one place! I'm glad I wasn't on that bus! Because I would've probably been sent to the back of the bus!

The trolley, with it garbled and messed up stop schedule, lands at All Star Indoor Soccer, a building with 90 degree heat inside and zero refreshments....(no lack of disrespect intended for ASIS) and right next door, the awaiting open arms of Millennia Atlantic University -- drinks awaiting, food, a book signing, and and art exhibition -- but alas, Bettina did not invite the trolley riders to enter MAU. - Bettina's explanation to this author.... "we did not put this on the stop schedule"! My question: WHY NOT!

A total lack of disrespect for MAU and it's staff by Bettina, J.C. and the other misfits... Since Bettina had originally insisted and arranged with MAU to bring trolley riders there...and MAU went above and beyond to prepare for the Trolley stop!

Bettina, you owe MAU a public appology!

What is the management of the city of Doral thinking..? obviously not much good! The whole situation in Doral disgusts me. I can't wait until J.C., Vanamme, and Depitrio are replaced. - That's when Doral will go back to normal. In the meantime expect more B.S. from the "Rag Tag Threesome" (and puppeted staff). Until then, my stationery will be changed to read Miami, Florida instead of Doral, Florida.

I can't continue to support a City that does not recognize people who do good for businesses in Doral, such as the Doral Chamber of Commerce, but rewards others who use the system for personal gain and egoistic personal acknowledgement!

Where has J.C. and his rag tag team taken this once wonderful city? To disdain and despair and bureacracy and possibly even, corruption (I am not implying that $750,000 to one vendor in one year's time, without RFPs is corruption)? If you don't play on J.C.s team watch out!

I vote that we remove his name off the park (J.C.s original ego trip).

Voters, please check your November ballots closely... the ballots are stuffed with Pinochio puppets and Gepetto puppet mastering! Vote for real change.

Vote for Mari Catano and Luigi Boria, for Doral City Council if you want to see real change in Doral.

On a personal note... to J.C.... You remind me of someone who took over as a dictator in 1961 in Cuba, and there is a similar resemblance to a red-shirted individual somewhere in Central America.

Should "The J.C. way or the Highway" be the new City of Doral slogan?