Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Social Media Marketing Strategy - Developing a Massive Social Campaign

Social Media Marketing Strategy - Developing a Massive Social CampaignBy [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Jonathan_R._Behrens]Jonathan R. Behrens
It can be important to develop a workable social media marketing strategy. Decide which social bookmarking sites you want to target, set up a pay per click campaign, create a stir on MySpace, but make sure that you have the whole process coordinated to help achieve maximum results.
The first step in a social media marketing strategy is to identify your audience, and identify WITH your audience. It is not enough to know who you are trying to reach anymore, because the Internet has made communication a two-way street. Be sure to establish avenues of communication for your clients and customers, and take steps to keep those lanes of information sharing open and active.
Set realistic social media marketing strategy goals. Getting a million visitors to a brand new website requires some heavy brainstorming, as you'll need to decide where to attract those visitors from, and how to best get their attention. Keep your goals realistic, and set new ones when old goals have been met. Once you have goals, establish marketing procedures that are designed to make them happen.
For the most traffic, social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn may be good starters sites, but don't forget the appeal of article distribution either. EzineArticles publishes hundreds of articles every day under just about any category you can think of. At the bottom of each article is what is called a "Resource Box," where links to a product or website can be clicked for easy access. This these article sites are heavily syndicated, their potential reach can be counted in the hundreds of millions.
Another facet of a working media marketing strategy is the use of bookmarking and sharing sites. Digg, StumbleUpon, and Technorati are three popular bookmarking sites where people from all over the world are sharing favorite things they have found online with others. But there are other places that can be even more effective, such as Twitter, which is a booking and social interaction site.
The best social media marketing strategy will include a number of social tools and methods. Bookmarking alone is not enough, and it ties in very well with social networking sites like MySpace. Pay per click campaigns can get your product in front of more people faster, and could be crucial to the branding process.
To develop a sound social marketing strategy, it is probably a good idea to discuss what you want to achieve with an Internet marketing consultant. These professionals have their finger on the pulse of social marketing, and will be able to help you make the best choices to get the most profitable results. Thee is a lot to learn and consider, and the best results will almost always come from using a complete Internet marketing package supplied through a trusted contractor.
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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jonathan_R._Behrens http://EzineArticles.com/?Social-Media-Marketing-Strategy---Developing-a-Massive-Social-Campaign&id=2186094

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